Quick Message to my friends!

If you haven't heard from me this is why... Here is the deal! I am currently still having issues with my email. I'm about to lose my mind over this. Please understand I'm not ignoring you. I have been erasing emails like crazy and it still isn't helping. I contacted the support people and they just gave me the run-around. Until this is resolved I can answer your questions in the comment section. I know, it's not the most personal, but as soon as the email is working I will let you know. Thanks so much for hanging with me!


PS This video was originally made for my youtube friends if you're confused.

I'm getting asked WHY! I did this because my kids and there friends are in the videos a lot and I don't want to worry about all the different place people are embedding my videos. You really can't believe where I found some of my videos. (Places I would never ever want my kids or there friends faces to be.) This way I have a little more control over what I put out there. Slowly but surely the videos I have on youtube will be removed, and only be able to be seen here.