Cesar (known as Mr.Mexican)
This is my husband Cesar. He is 35 years old and the inspiration behind this website..... hence the name Married to a Mexican. Cesar is an amazing individual. He is the whole package! Honestly, I know he would be surprised to see I have written this. Nevertheless this is very true. Cesar is a definite success story. Cesar was born in a small village in Mexico to humble parents. Although life was always a struggle, he never lost sight of his hopes and dreams for a better future. At the age of seventeen Cesar started applying for a visa to come to the USA. After many attempts and rejections he was finally rewarded with the visa he so longed to have. This in itself was a miracle. Visas are just not handed out to poor village people. I think the thing that impresses me most is that Cesar wouldn't take no for a answer. This man knows how to persevere. In the course of my writings you will learn more about Cesar, but to make a long story short, Cesar learned English, went to college, graduated and currently owns a small janitorial business. Last fall he debuted his website, He is very passionate about the site and has high hopes for it's success. In a nutshell, Cesar is a great man and I am very proud of him.

Avery 16
One tall kid! This kid is known for his height of six feet six inches tall and growing. Others know Avery for his height. I know him for his great sense of humor,funny impersonations of people and kind heart. He is also a good cook , great athlete and very good at building things. My only wish for Avery would be that he sees all the potential he has.

Aries 14
Ok! Ok! This kid will definitely be a lawyer or maybe the president. He loves to argue his point. Aries is also an exceptional friend. He is loyal like a dog and always stands up for the underdog. He always impresses me with his charitable ways. He can't walk past the needy without offering them something. Aries has many talents drawing and sports are a few.

Secily 11 (almost18)
What a babe! This girl has no idea how cute she is. Being the only girl has brought out the tom boy in her. Nevertheless, I know her soft side. Secily is so bright. Everyday I see more and more of her creative side. I know she will grow up to be a great success. Right now all Secily wants to be is an American Idol. Secily's talents... cooking, art, singing ,hairstyling , fashion designing for her Barbie dolls, and makeovers.

Farihn 7
This is our baby boy. He is not allowed to grow up! This little guy keeps us on our toes. Words that would best describe him.... energetic, dangerous,and experimental. Farihn never slows down.This kid can do anything with minimal or no effort required. I'm sure that he will grow up to be either a race car driver or a sky diver.

Tina ( That's me! )
Secily took this picture...... not bad for a 11 year old. Still, I wouldn't mind looking a little younger and a little thinner, but that's a women for you.... never satisfied. I think the easiest way to describe myself would be to say that I'm a cross between Simon on American Idol and Mother Teresa. Wow! Is that possible? Why Simon? Simple! I always say what everyone is thinking but too afraid to say. I won't lie to you just to make you feel good. On the other hand I care deeply for people. My heart aches for all those that suffer and rejoices for those with reason to rejoice.

My biggest goal in life right now is to raise excellent children that understand the importance of hard work, education, service and love for God. Several years ago I set my own hopes and personal dreams aside to stay home and raise my children. I have to say it was one of the hardest things I ever did. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that it was the right thing to do. As I see my kids growing and turning out to be more then I ever expected, I need to remember that God has blessed me so much, and to him I will always be indebted.