Gelatina de Cuadros

Calling all kids at heart! I don't care how old you are this is a recipe that everyone in the family can enjoy. Cesar eats these faster then I can make them. When he was a child this was a rare, very special treat. I think he's making up for all the years he didn't have any. I don't mind...anything to put a smile one his face. He works so hard and nothing makes me feel better than making a special treat for him.

Every family has a midnight snacker. At our house it is Aries. Every night he sleep walks to the kitchen to grab a little something to hold him over till morning. I think I can hear him now.....SHHHHH! I bet I can guess what he has snuck downstairs, of course one of these delicious treats. Tomorrow I'm sure I will find the evidence in the basement under one of the Luv sacs. Of course he has no memory of any of this. ( Right!) If only he could be a little neater when it comes to his midnight snacking. Anyways people, I think you get the point. These are some seriously tasty treats.

See you in the kitchen,


7 oz package Mexican Lime Gelatina (add water kind)
7 oz package Mexican Orange Gelatina (add water kind )
7 oz package Mexican Rompope Gelatina (add milk kind)

For lime and orange flavors boil two cups water and add 2 cups ice per package.

Add 4 cups hot milk to Romepope mix.

Follow video instructions.