I remember the first time I had this. Our family was at a party with friends my husband went to high school with. I distinctly remember this specific dish sitting on the table, I'll be honest, it really didn't look like something I was willing to try. My friend Stacey assured me that I would love it. A little hesitant I took a bite. Boy was she right! I loved it. I'm not a fan of cabbage but I really like this. After the party I had to have Cesar's friend that made it over to the house to teach me how to make it. That was several years ago and we have been loving it ever since. The best part...it's so easy to make!

See you in the Kitchen,


2lbs chicken (any part you like)
2 cubes Maggie tomato chicken bouillon cubes
Swish of oil
1 white onion (cut into rings)
1 head of cabbage
2-3 chipotle peppers with 2-3 tbsp of sauce from can
1 can petite dice stewed tomatoes
salt to taste
15-20 tostadas
Hot sauce of choice