This is a fun recipe. There are many ways to make these. In fact I have a few of my own ideas I will share in a later post. I really make ever effort to stay as close to authentic as possible with my posts. Sometimes that is really hard for me because I tend to be creative and want to mix things up a bit. This is how my mother in-law makes these. After quit a bit of research I have found that most people like to put a lot of stuff in theirs. These are pretty simple but, the Mexican loves them and it makes him long to see his mother so I know they are the real deal. I always welcome your comments. Since most of my viewers come from youtube they comment to me there. I need to be better and move their comments over to the blog for the bloggers to read. The youtubers always have great suggestions.

See you in the kitchen,


10-12 roma tomatoes
1/3 white onion
2 cloves garlic

swish of oil
1/4 white onion
3-4 cups water

1lb ground beef 85%
1lb chorizo
1/4 cup seasoned bread crumbs
5-6 tbsp fresh mint
cracked pepper

2-3 chopped boiled eggs and
uncooked rice to stuff in center of meatballs

15-20 Green olives

Lime wedges

Serve with white rice and frijoles