Salchichas Vaqueras

Good Saturday morning to everyone! The slacker is back. Man am I lazy! I'm just chill'in here at my house with the kiddies. Nope I haven't got any excuses this time for why I haven't been heard from. I sure hope you all understand. If this were a real job I wouldn't be able to do this, but since this is all just for kicks and giggles I'm not loosing sleep over it.

Today's menu is simple and it includes all of the food groups. I think Farihn could make this blind folded. I think you get what I mean,it's easy as pie. (Of course I'm talking about the kind of pie you only need to heat up,that is.) Enjoy!

See you in the kitchen,


6 Large all beef gourmet hot dogs

1 bag of 6 Cheddar & jalapeno bread sticks. ( You can use any kind of bun ,this is just what I like. I buy them at Costco in the bakery next to the bagels.)

1 can sliced pickled jalapenos (Not for nachos. These are stripes.)

1/4 lbs Oaxaca cheese cut into stripes. ( Any good white melting cheese will work.)


Pico de gallo ( I will post my recipe for this soon.)