Arroz Verde

Finally.... I'm getting around to posting another video. From some of the emails I've received I think some of you thought I may have died. Nope I'm still kicking! Life has kept me so busy I have struggled to find any time to post a video. Sometimes I feel like my only purpose in life is to get children to all of their different activities and home again. (Don't get me wrong I do love doing it,but it just doesn't leave me a lot of free time.)

Yesterday the Meximobile broke down on the way to Aries' basketball camp. It's one thing when you break down in a normal looking vehicle and another when its in a van that looks like a ice cream truck or something from the circus. Let's just say it draws much unwanted attention. Anyways I had my big plan that I would get some of the videos I have already made posted and then of course that happened.

I have been getting a lot of emails and I have not had time to respond to all of them so if you emailed me and have not heard back, I'm working on it. Also if you ever have questions or comments that pertain to a specific recipe please put them in the comment box under the video. This will save me so much time. Many times I will receive the same question multiple times to my email box from different people. Basically if you put your questions in the comment box I will only have to answer the same question once. I do love to answer questions so please don't misunderstand, this will just save me a lot of time and also help out people with similar questions. Also, I can't thank all of you enough for all the encouraging words that many of you send to me, It really makes my day when I read all of your really sweet emails. I wish I had the way to reach out to all of you and give all you a great big hug and say thank you!

Enjoy this recipe, it's quick ,easy and delicious.

See you in the kitchen,

1 1/2 cups white long grain rice

5 tomatillos

1/2 white onion

2 clove garlic

1 poblano chile

2 chicken bouillon cubes (maggie)

swish of oil