"Horchata!" The new hit song!

Woot woot! I have to do a little shout out to Fatmime for sending me this video. Dude you are so funny! I decided I should put this on my cooking page since it's a song about Mexican food. Here's what I love about this, these guys are just chillin at there house enjoying life. I think we get so busy sometimes with the day to day that we forget to just kick back and enjoy the simple things, like hanging out with friends and family and laughing. Really is there anything better then that. Fatmime you are so funny I can't wait to meet you someday and chill with you and your family.

I added another one of his funny vids to my hola page if you want to see more.

Fatmime I read a little about you on your page and can I just say...Thanks so much for keeping it funny and clean. The world needs a lot more good clean humor. These days all we ever see is people that are willing to stoup pretty low for a buck.( I would love to see a song about a six foot tall gringa cooking Mexican food.) Whatda you say? Hmmmm maybe?

FYI... I think this is Farihn's new favorite song,he won't stop singing it!

Thanks so much for making our family laugh today!