Hey there dear sweet amigos!

I just wanted to drop all of you a line and send you a big thank you! So many wonderful emails and photos have been sent my way and I have read each and everyone of them. If you do not see your picture posted on the side it will be up soon. My life is busier then ever and I have not had time to respond to each of you like I have in the past. My job and other events has kept me very busy while my kids are at school. The second the kids get home it is all about their needs. I hope you understand and be watching for an email. I promise you will hear back from me, it just might take a while. I'm also hoping to find some time to make some more videos soon. I really miss the time I use to have for that. Love you all! I hope to be back in the kitchen soon with more great videos.

See you in the kitchen, (soon!)