Crispy Chicken Flautas with Roasted Salsa Verde

Whooo baby! You are going to love these! Here at our house you can usually find my kids arguing over who gets the last one and I can usually be found licking my plate after everyone has left the kitchen. (Wouldn't want the kiddies to see me do that.) Once again or friend the rotisserie chicken makes his appearance in my kitchen. Boy do I love that guy, he is always saving me so much time. As always you are sure to love this delicious dish. Keep it real!

See you in the kitchen,


BTW have you checked out the new cute pictures people have been sending in? If you haven't sent one yet, what are you waiting for amigos? Our family loves all your cute pictures!

1 rotisserie chicken shredded
1 red onion
1 bell pepper
1 clove garlic
swish of canola

15-20 corn or flour tortillas ( I like to do some of both)
oil for frying (once again I like canola, but use whatever you like)


8 tomatillos
1 poblano chile
2 serrano chiles
3/4 white onion (1/4 for blender and the rest to add at end)
one clove garlic
juice of a lime
handful of cilantro

Mexican crema

Fry at 375 until crisp